• Demolition

    n. The act or process of wrecking or destroying, by means of machinery or explosives.

    Get rid of the old to usher in the new. That's what we do. Spanning from residential to commercial/municipal and institutional, no project is beyond our expertise. Houses, garages, built structures, industrial complexes, city blocks: anything that needs to come down. Quality Associates has proven to be experienced, reliable, environmentally conscious and cost effective.

  • Excavation

    n. The action or process of cutting, digging or scooping to produce a cavity or hole in the earth.

    Total site transformations has been our specialty since 1947. Trench digging for utilities and pipework, mass excavations for residential, commercial, and municipal site development projects.

  • Grading

    v. The action of creating and leveling the degree of inclination of a slope, road, or other surface.

    Roadway creation, sidewalk leveling, parking lot development: we take into account all aspects of water runoff, projected life span and pedestrial usage when designing and implementing for thorough ways.

  • Paving

    n. The action of applying concrete, asphalt or tarmac substrate materials to an area to create some form of thoroughfare.

    From sidewalks and curbing to parking lots and roadways, Quality Associates has the equipment, experience and staff to handle small to large jobs. Whether it's asphalt blacktop, concrete, pavers or just gravel or stone we have a solution for you.

  • Utilities Installation

    (Utility) n. A commodity or service, such as septic systems, storm drainage, water, or sewer that is provided by a business to the public.

    Sewer, Storm, Water mains: While most large projects are plan and spec we also offer design build for your site work needs. Taking into consideration soil types, traffic, weather, and other conditions when designing and installing each project.


About Quality Associates

Quality Associates is a family-owned and operated excavation and demolition business founded in 1947 by Ferdinand Russo Sr. Since its inception, Quality has performed and completed countless successful projects across the State of Connecticut, from residential and commercial demolitions, roadways and driveways, to mass commercial land excavations and municipal redevelopment projects.

We are proud to employ the most experienced, safety conscious, certified specialists in the Mass Site Excavation & Underground Utility Industry. We get it done right!

Quality Associates Excavation Corp:

A long tradition of Quality, Value, Safety, Excellence and Pride on all projects, in the past and the future to come!


Our construction crews have the same work ethic with small jobs as they do on large jobs. Your complete satisfaction is important to us.

We are a fully licensed and insured excavation/demolition company with experience in all phases of residential and commercial site development.

With 'Quality' in the name, your sure to get the best!

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We are HAZWOPER certified!

Our reputation for providing quality work in a timely manner and on budget has made us a leader in our field for over 60 years.

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